Preserving Disorder

Most people living a peaceful and orderly  existence don’t know how suddenly that order can disappear and anarchy take over. Sometimes it is catastrophic occurrences such as hurricane Andrew, a category 5 hurricane that swept across South Florida in 1992 leaving massive destruction.  Looting quickly broke out and a mob of at least 100 people ransacked the Cutler Ridge shopping mall South of Miami.  Soon the entire area descended into lawless nihilism.  People whose homes had been destroyed were forced to defend what remained of their possessions from rampaging criminals.  Having a firearm to defend one’s self and family from the mob was essential; depending on law enforcement for protection was out of the question.

The “Occupy movement” that is a crime wave now sweeping the country was not set off by a natural disaster such as a destructive hurricane, but is the result of nothing more than the attitudes of a class of lazy slackers demanding to live off the fruits of other people’s labor and industry.  The good life for them is a government that provides all their sustenance leaving them free to live a slothful existence.  The truly dangerous aspect of this development is how it has exposed the craven acceptance of this nightmarish scenario by certain corporate chieftains, politicians, and bureaucrats in some parts of the country.  The idea that a band of misfits represents 99% of America might have seemed too bizarre to think it would be taken up by any of these corporate and political leaders but it now appears that there was always a chicken-hearted spinelessness about them.  All that was needed to expose it was an ugly mob of suddenly energized shirkers and bums threatening to smash windows.

Mark Steyn sums it up with his usual articulate fluency:

Way back in 1968, after the riots at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, Mayor Daley declared that his forces were there to “preserve disorder.” I believe that was one of Hizzoner’s famous malapropisms. Forty-three years later Jean Quan, mayor of Oakland, and the Oakland city council have made “preserving disorder” the official municipal policy. On Wednesday, the “Occupy Oakland” occupiers rampaged through the city, shutting down the nation’s fifth-busiest port, forcing stores to close, terrorizing those residents foolish enough to commit the reactionary crime of “shopping,” destroying ATMs, spraying the Christ the Light Cathedral with the insightful observation “F**k,” etc. And how did the Oakland city council react? The following day they considered a resolution to express their support for “Occupy Oakland” and to call on the city administration to “collaborate with protesters.”

That’s “collaborate” in the Nazi-occupied-France sense: The city’s feckless political class are collaborating with anarchists against the taxpayers who maintain them in their sinecures. They’re not the only ones. When the rumor spread that the Whole Foods store, of all unlikely corporate villains, had threatened to fire employees who participated in the protest, the regional president, David Lannon, took to Facebook: “We totally support our Team Members participating in the General Strike today — rumors are false!” But, despite his “total support,” they trashed his store anyway, breaking windows and spraypainting walls.

At heart, Oakland’s occupiers and worthless political class want more of the same fix that has made America the Brokest Nation in History: They expect to live as beneficiaries of a prosperous Western society without making any contribution to the productivity necessary to sustain it. This is the “idealism” that the media are happy to sentimentalize, and that enough poseurs among the corporate executives are happy to indulge — at least until the window-smashing starts. To “occupy” Oakland or anywhere else, you have to have something to put in there. Yet the most striking feature of OWS is its hollowness. And in a strange way the emptiness of its threats may be a more telling indictment of a fin de civilisation West than a more coherent protest movement could ever have mounted.

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