A prediction for November 4th

The Republicans will fall short of taking control of the Senate. Reason will be that the base is disenchanted with Republican establishment for pushing amnesty for illegals and conducting a war against the Tea Party.

Also, this: What does the current Republican party stand for? What is their plan? Do you know? Nope, neither does anyone else. Neither do they. If they stood for something they would have told us, wouldn’t they?

Kansas and North Carolina looking like losers, and others shaky as well. They had an opportunity of a lifetime and they blew it. Stupid party stays stupid.

Democrats way outspending Republicans. Republican ads are few and boring. Republican fund raising down because they’ve pissed off their small donors to hang on to the large donors. Guess what? Large donors not enough to cover the loss.

One bright spot is Colorado where Cory Gardner is holding up well against vicious attacks by Udall.

This is really too bad. Harry Reid will stay in power not because of anything he or the Democrats have done to deserve it, but because Republicans are wimps and won’t stand up and fight back. If only they had listened to Senator Jeff Sessions, this coming catastrophe could have been avoided. Instead, they listened to their political advisors who told them to just sit back and be quiet. That’s what George W. Bush did, and it got him the lowest approval numbers of any president since Nixon. That’s what got the country soaked in liberalism.

There’s going to be at least one new Supreme Court justice in the next two years, perhaps two. They are going to be liberals bent on tearing the U.S. Constitution apart and burning it. We can thank Republicans for it. Liberals are just doing what they do when there’s no effective opposition.

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