Praise For Whole Foods CEO John Mackey

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Instead of the horrendous, despicable, menace to liberty, high-taxing budget-busting monstrosity of a so-called “healthcare reform bill” (which has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with giving the government, bureaucrats and politicians absolute control over every living soul in this country) now being debated in the United States Senate, here is what ought to be done:

-eliminate state line barriers to purchasing health insurance and allow the citizens of any state to purchase health insurance from any company doing business in any state, instead of requiring us to purchase only in the state in which we reside, which is the present law;

-eliminate all state and federal mandates of what coverage we can buy and allow each citizen to buy a tailor-made policy covering only those risks he or she wishes to insure and allow everyone to self insure all other risks;

-equalize the federal and state income tax treatment for individual policies and employer-provided policies by allowing individuals the same tax break on policies they buy with their own money as employees get on policies bought for them by their employers.

Just those three things would improve the quality of healthcare and make health insurance more affordable. The current Obamacare nightmare they are threatening to impose on us will do neither of those things and will increase our taxes to levels never before seen, make health care more expensive and less obtainable, and destroy much precious liberty.

Some say the Republicans don’t have a plan, but in fact they have several that incorporate the above three ideas. They just can’t get any attention for their plans right now because the Democrats control all of government and their willing accomplices in the old media perform more like stenographers than reporters.


Whole Foods CEO John Mackey agrees with me on all of the above. Well, he didn’t ring me up to talk about it, but his public statements are all in line with the above. And, boy has he been criticized for it. But he has also received some high praise, by independent refutation of the criticism.

I’m going to try to shop at Whole Foods more often.

I didn’t get paid to say that. Dammit.

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