Pot to be legal in Colorado on January 1st?

Technically, yes. But they’re trying to tax it so heavily it may be cheaper for the pot heads to keep getting their pot on the Black Market.

America was founded by smugglers.  Of course, they weren’t  smuggling substances that would harm anyone.  Molasses and tobacco at least didn’t run people’s lives into the ground, but they were smuggling for the same reason the Black market in pot may continue: high taxes by greedy politicians.

They’ve always told us that legalizing drugs and taxing them will put the drug dealers out of business and divert their profits to the government, a shift they say will be for the public good.  But if legalizing drugs simply makes it socially acceptable for more people to use illicit drugs, and keeps the drug dealers in business because they can serve the user market cheaper and better, then legalizing drugs is just another failed idea.  Both Left and Right to blame for this one.

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