Poll: 77% of voters from key states in 2018 oppose sanctuary cities

The Washington Examiner today says a poll by Zogby Analytics conducted exclusively for the Washington Examiner finds that 77% of voters from the key states of Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin oppose sanctuary cities. They want Congress to pass legislation proposed by President Trump to end federal funding for sanctuary cities.

The story at the Washington Examiner does not reveal how many were polled overall or in each state.  It does not say by what method the poll was conducted.

An earlier Harvard-Harris poll from last February commissioned by The Hill found that 80% in the country at large oppose sanctuary cities. That pool asked 2,148 people over a two day period.

Neither poll reveals the wording of the question asked. The Harvard Harris Poll was an online poll. Online polls are fun but generally worthless.

I want to believe these polls are accurate but I fear that may be confirmation bias on my part. I’d like to see the internals on these polls before I place too much trust in them. My instincts tell me that most people who have their sanity intact are opposed to the lawlessness of a sanctuary city. But I’ve been burned enough times by believing that most people are sane and reasonable so I’m hesitant to go their again.

One thing we can see clearly. The GOP didn’t seem to be moved by the earlier Harvard-Harris poll and I doubt the establishment jerk-offs in the GOP will care much about this latest one either. Kentucky is one of the states in the poll, so lets see what Mitch McConnell does with it. If he isn’t moved by it we can pretty much dismiss it. But then he was unmoved by a more reliable poll that gave him only an 18% approval ranking in his home state.

Mine is a pessimistic view, I know. But hey, pessimism has something going for it that optimism never has. A pessimist is almost always right, and he’s happy when he’s wrong.

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