Politics as usual? Maybe there is no such thing

Politics as usual is very unusual on one side of the aisle. That would be the Republican side. The Democrats are a coalition of different groups that don’t necessarily like each other, some even hate one or more of the other groups, but they all come together in marvelous unification for the one big goal they all share: defeating Republicans of any stripe. For them therefore, politics as usual has real meaning.

Nothing of the sort exists on the Republican side and never has. Perhaps it never will. That is a real shame. It’s a malady like all maladies whether of the body or the spirit in that it weakens whomever or whatever it afflicts. This terrible weakness makes it harder for that person, group or institution to ever achieve success in its stated goals.

It’s not that debate and disagreement are bad. Those are generally good so long as they allow the debaters to sharpen their skills and hone their ideas to gain ground against adversaries and execute success. Republicans have and have always had great philosophical ideas. Republlcans have also always formed into rivalorous groups warring with each other over what or which policy they want to pursue and how they should proceed against Democrats.

The one thing Republicans have never been able to do is what the Democrats do with ease. Republicans have never been able to put aside their differences long enough to unite around the one central goal that should be first and foremost. They have never been able to unite around the goal of defeating Democrats.

Right now there is a very real danger that our country may fall into the hands of the most corrupt politician to ever run for President of the United States. It is going to be disaster for our beloved Republic if something doesn’t happen in the next three weeks to make Republicans stop all the bickering and unite around the most important objective of their existence: the defeat of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Nothing else matters.

For an excellent history lesson in the conservative movements, yes plural, there have been several, and how conservatives and Republicans have often been their own worst enemies, this is a great read: Crisis of the Conservative Intellectual by Matthew Continetti.

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