Polar Bears Behaving Badly

polar bear
Now it’s male polar bears killing other male’s cubs that is supposed to be evidence of global warming. Pssst: They are not “resorting to killing cubs because their seal hunting grounds have disapeared.” It’s natural behavior. It’s why female bears are testy. Male polar bears have been killing other male’s cubs to bring the female back into estrus so they can mate with her for about 3 million years. It’s evolutionary competition for perpetuating genes of the killer bear over the other bear. (The bear doesn’t know that, it’s just acting naturally, doing what its progenitors did) It’s about wild nature, which is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.” (I heard that phrase before I read Hobbes but I thought it was a law firm.)

Is there anything that ever happens that is not evidence of global warming?

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