Why Poland has no terrorism

Why This G7 Nation Has No Problem With Islamic Terrorism

What do Japan, Slovenia, Hungary and Poland have in common?They all have a permanent ban on accepting Muslim refugees. None of these four countries have had any Islamist terror attacks. These countries are not free of violence, but compared to the other European countries that welcome Muslim refugees, they are living in relative peace. All of these countries keep Islamic migrants out, and Hungary recently punctuated its policy by erecting a razor-wire fence along its southern border.

A contrary view: The Poland “No Muslims No Terror Map” Is Seriously Misleading

I read it and found it to be nonsense. The article claims there have been few terrorist attacks in countries that welcome Muslim refugees, and then lists dozens of them. The map it claims is misleading shows terrorist attacks everywhere but none in Poland. It’s not misleading, it’s accurate. No Muslim refugees does seem to equal no terrorism. Meanwhile, the rest of Europe is committing suicide.

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