plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

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  • TF

    The Dems and the left generally seem to be assuming that they are immunized from criticism and evidence pointing to their many hideous contradictions by their monopoly of the press and academia. And/or, they see the public as having such a microscopic attention span, i.e. as too stupid, to be able to put the pieces together and see how silly their hysterical ad hominem non arguments actually are.

    I believe they are fundamentally wrong in both cases though of course there’s some truth to these assumptions somewhere, some of the time. But writ large, these are fabulous overgeneralizations.

    I hope and believe that they are in for gigantic disillusionments as the media wars continue. They’ve become too in your face obvious in their brazen rage and contempt for anything else to result.

    • Democrats have been using violence against their political opponents since Andrew Jackson invented the current iteration of Democrats around 1828. They have two things going for them right now that will insure their continued place in American politics. First, their base voters love to see them visit violence on their political enemies. Second, they have become highly skilled in voter fraud. From the motor voter law, which the GOP stupidly supported, to registering illegals to vote, to voting dead people, and manipulating the ballot counts, they can win elections they would otherwise lose.

      The first advantage, violence, apparently can’t be controlled. The second can only be addressed by a strong border wall and bringing back the paper ballot. The election cops are bought off and the GOP is too feckless to do much else anyway. All this means that the GOP has to get at least 60% of the legal vote in order to defeat the Dems with their combination of legal and illegal votes. This is why the GOP candidate won Ohio 12 when only 40% of Republicans turned out and 87% of Democrats turned out. The GOP candidate got 51% of the total vote and I’d bet dollars to donut hole he got 60% of the legal vote. Just a few more illegal votes and the GOP candidate would have lost.

      This is the utmost in vote suppression. Every illegal vote cancels out a legal vote. If Balderson got 60% of the legal vote but only won by 51% of the total, that shows that 9% of the legal vote was canceled out by illegal votes.

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