Pizza Hut robber’s parents question their son’s shooting

Michael Grace, armed robber shot dead by victim

Michael Grace, armed robber shot dead by victim

At 1:30 A.M. on October 30th Michael Grace and two other men entered a Pizza Hut restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina for the purpose of robbing it. Grace was armed with a gun. The store was closed at the time with one employee in the store engaged in closing chores. Apparently, a confrontation ensued and the employee, who was himself legally armed, shot and killed Michael Grace. The other two robbers fled the scene and last known to me they have not yet been found.

Now the parents of 29-year old Michael Grace are asking, with regards to the Pizza Hut employee, “Why in the hell did this guy have a gun?” Yes, robbers prefer unarmed victims.

One can understand that the parents whose son has just been killed while attempting an armed robbery might be upset and might not be in the best frame of mind. However, they should be asking some different questions, such as “What in hell was my son doing trying to rob the Pizza Hut?”, and “”Why in the hell did my son have a gun?”, and “What in the hell was my son thinking when he put himslef and others in deadly danger for the meager contents of a Pizza Hut cash register?”

I haven’t heard whether any charges will be brought against the Pizza Hut employee, but it is doubtful because barring special circumstances, legally armed citizens are rarely charged with a crime for using deadly force to stop an armed robbery.

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