Personal Defense Weapons — Urban Rifles — Assault Rifles

What is an AR-15 rifle?  Well, that depends.  It’s not any one thing.  It depends on who has it.  If it’s the Department of Homeland Security, an AR-15 is a personal defense weapon.  They’ve just put in an order for 7,000 of them.  Will they have to stand in line and wait like everyone else?  Nah.  If it’s your local police department is an urban rifle.  But if you have it, well then it’s an assault rifle.

There was murder a while back that I read about.  Seems a man stabbed his friend with a kitchen knife.  Oh wait, that must have been an assault knife.  Those should be banned.

“Personal defense” and “assault” describe actions, not things.  “AR-15” is the only accurate name to describe this thing which is the most popular rifle in America and owned by millions of law-abiding citizens.  Calling it an assault rifle because it is owned by a citizen is crazy when you stop to realize that 99.8% of citizens who own these rifles never assault anyone with them.  A higher percentage of people who own baseball bats use them to commit assault.

In case anyone is wondering, the “AR” in AR-15 has never stood for “Assault Rifle.”  It stands for “Armalite Rifle.”  Armalite was the company that originally manufactured the AR-15 rifle beginning in the 1950’s.

There is no such thing as an “assault rifle,” anymore than there is any such thing as an assault knife.  Any gun, or knife, or screw driver, or baseball bat can be used to assault someone.  That doesn’t justify calling all of the those things “assault weapons.”  Only a tiny percentage of people who own them ever commit assaults with them.  Those who use the term are trying to emotionally blackmail us into going along with their uninformed arguments because they can’t back any of it up with logic or reason.

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