When Help Turns Into Harm

When Democrats discovered they could no longer prevent black people from voting they set out to persuade black people to vote almost exclusively for them. They promoted welfare programs to create dependency and a sense of entitlement. They demonized Republicans in an effort to convince blacks that Republicans were the enemy and only Democrats would protect them. They turned their own history upside down by falsely accusing Republicans of racism to make blacks afraid of electing Republicans. It worked. Blacks began giving their vote to the Democrats by over 90% in every election. The result can be seen of what decades of welfare dependency has done to a large number of black people in America. Instead of helping them become prosperous and happy it has condemned them to permenent poverty and bitterness.

Getting 90% or more of the black vote meant that in national elections Republicans could not count on a majority of white votes to win an election. They needed upwards o 60% of white votes to win. This gave the Democrats a tremendous advantage and made them determined to keep blacks dependent and on the Democrat reservation. It was a close call in many cases. Some analysts argued that if the GOP could get as much as 20% of the black vote it would become much more difficult for Democrats to win every election in which blacks voted in significant numbers. Democrats knew how tenuous their hold on this advantage was and they defended as if their political lives were at stake, and they were.

After the Civil War ended slavery Democrats re-instituted it in a new form called Jim Crow. One of the aims of Jim Crow was to make it so difficult for blacks in the South to vote most wouldn’t even make the attempt. From the end of the Civil War the black vote, such as it was, when almost entirely to the Republican party that had freed the slaves. But in 1932 all that changed with the election of Franklin Roosevelt. The black vote switched overnight to the Democrats. The explanation for this is complex and beyond the scope of this post.

Finally, the chickens are coming home to roost for Democrats. Their party is in shambles and many black people who once believed the Democrats were their only salvation in a country that was holding them back are learning the truth. Democrats are not their friends. There is plenty of opportunity for people of all ethnic identities to prosper. All one must do is accept the reality that eternal dependence on government is not a path to the good life.

Shelby Steele on the Perils of Political Correctness

One of the points that I feel very strongly about, coming as a black [man], is that the deference that America has shown us since the ‘60s with the War on Poverty and the Great Society and welfare, these deferential policies that defer to our history of victimization now victimize us more than racism did. I grew up in segregation. I know exactly what it’s like. And I had a more positive attitude toward America than many blacks do today who are the beneficiaries of Affirmative Action. I think that deference has become a very corrupting influence on the people that it tries to help. It’s honorable that it wants to help these people but they never ask the people to be responsible for their own transformation and uplift and that’s the great tragedy of deference and political correctness.

The history of America has accused [white people] of the evil of bigotry. And so white Americans are insanely sensitive to being seen as racists or, to a lesser degree, sexists. And so this hyperbolic political correctness that we’ve descended into has to do with this neurotic response. But when people are living under that kind of threat of stigmatization, they don’t even see the people they’re trying to help. White people don’t even see blacks. Political correctness is utterly and completely blind to the humanity of black America.

Everybody is under threat of stigmatization. Blacks are fanatical about who’s really black and who isn’t. Whites are fanatical about whether they’re racist or whether they’re not. Nobody is seeing each other as simply as human beings…

I think today we just continue to be in that position where we are exploited now out of good intentions rather than out of bad intentions and we then become invested in our own victimization — that’s what gets us attention, not our excellence.

More black voices are speaking out on the peril of political correctness. See Jason Riley, Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make it Harder for Blacks to Succeed.

And this: Black Leaders Praise Trump’s Education Pick Betsy DeVos

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