These are the people we’ve been waiting for…the #Walkaways

UPDATE: #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka was refused service at a camera store — Sorta makes his point, doesn’t it.

I, you, we have been waiting for sensible Democrats to finally realize what has and is happening to their party. We’ve wondered why they didn’t understand that the Democrat party has been taken over by a mob of hate-filled goons who do not represent or practice any of the ideals that traditionally were supposed to be Democrat values.

It’s here. It’s happening. There is a new movement called the #WalkAway movement in which free-thinking Democrats have come to realize their party no longer represents them. It sprang up almost overnight, and although I doubt many of them think Trump is the catalyst, he is.

To be sure, the party of slavery, Jim Crow, and the Ku Klux Klan was never thought to be a center of liberal enlightenment. The Camelot presidency of John Kennedy seemed to have changed that image completely from the minds of most Democrats and freed them from having to reconcile all that with their undated belief system. His assassination (by a communist) only entrenched the commitment most Democrats had for their party. Until just lately, that is.

The Democrat party has reverted to its former violent face and now denigrates freedom while preaching victimhood. The way to the destruction of the soul is to think of oneself a victim of something. For their own political gain the leaders of the Democrat party discovered how profitable victim screaming could be for them. That’s why conservatives says the Democrat want a permanent underclass that will become dependent on them. The “victims” give up on self improvement and faithfully vote Democrat. They get nothing in return but empty rhetoric and promises to “get even” with their so-called “oppressors.”

The #WalkAway movement is led by Brandon Straka, a gay hairdresser in New York. I’ll let him explain why he is walking away from  liberalism and the Democrat party:

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