Pelosi Determined to Pass Obamacare By Any Means Necessary

The last Rasmussen Poll on healthcare showed that 61% of the American people want Congress to drop healthcare and focus on other issues. Last Friday, January 22nd, Pelosi said the House did not have the votes to pass Obamacare. Rasmussen said no more polling would be done unless the Democrats developed a new approach, in which case his firm would resume its tracking polls on healthcare. Looks like it’s time for Rasmussen to resume.

Pelosi didn’t say whether she found the votes she lacked last week, just that the Democrats plan to do this no matter how long it takes.

Arizona Senator John Kyl told Hugh Hewitt yesterday that the Democrats intend to use reconciliation to pass it. They will have to trample on current Senate rules to do this but that won’t stop them. In that case they would only need 51% in the Senate so that even with Scott Brown, the new Senator from Massachusetts, Republicans would not be able to block it. Of course, they would still need 51% in the House.

Senator Kyl:

I think they could theoretically get this done in the Senate, but I am not so sure in the House, because it has to pass with 51% over there, and it barely passed with 51% the first time around over there, by only 5 votes. So if three people change their vote, it wouldn’t pass. And I think there are enough Democrats now in the House who have said we could not support a bill that used the reconciliation process, that Speaker Pelosi is really going to have to hustle to round up those votes. And by the time it actually got there, where the American people figured out what an outrageous proposition this is, it may be so toxic that she can’t get the votes.

Right. The Kool Aid Pelosi is mixing up may be so toxic at least a few of her colleagues in the House will refuse to drink it.

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