Peggy Noonan is out of her mind

Peggy Noonan wrote some serviceable and even a few great speeches for Ronald Reagan. When Reagan improvised and ad libbed his way through them they were even better. Those were Noonan’s halcyon days. Much as changed sense then. The tiresome driveling nonsense she penned for last Thursday’s Wall Street Journal is the product of Noonan’s mental decline into senility and irrelevance. I say that to be charitable.

Noonan is clearly a NeverTrumper. That by itself is a sign of one’s slow decent into resentful bitterness. She’s the ultimate bitter clinger, clinging to the political retreads in the GOP who never once provided any opposition to Barack Obama as he systematically tried to rule over an America he considered (and desired) to be in decline.

The title to Noonan’s piece is a perfect roadmap of where Noonan intends to go with her latest dispatch:

Congress’s Mean Girls Are Trump’s OffspringIlahn Omar and Ocasio-Cortez equate roughness with authenticity. So does the man they despise.

The man they despise is, of course, Donald J. Trump. Noonan has now joined them in their fear and loathing of President Trump. Alexandria Ocasio-TacoRosada, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and the “mean girls” Noonan refers to:

I think we all know where this started, the political brutishness, the ignoring of traditions and norms. Donald Trump is both origin and rationale.

The mean girls of Congress have learned at his knee. They have taken their tactics from him. They claim to be his reluctant imitators but I think they admire his ferocity. They have a taste for it, and a talent.

They are good at being the thing they supposedly despise. They are not the antidote to the current brutality but an iteration of it.

They are his natural children.

What an ugly thing to say about a president who has performed magnificently under the most hateful criticism any president has ever been made to endure.  Unlike so many others in the GOP Trump hits back when he is attacked. His supporters find that refreshing. No others since Reagan have done so.

George W. Bush was relentlessly pummeled with the most venomous and vile hatred of any president. He never answered any of the attacks made on him. That was so discouraging for those loyal Americans who voted for him and wished he’d at least stand up for his own dignity. He didn’t and his approval ratings tanked. It was pathetic.

Bush was General George McClellan about whom Lincoln was forced to say, “If General McClellan doesn’t intend to use the Army of the Potomac, I’d like to borrow it.” Trump is General Ulysses Grant about whom Lincoln replied to those who wanted him to sack Grant for his drunkeness, “I can’t. I need him. He fights.” We need Trump for that very reason. He fights. He’s a little callous at times. All great fighters are. It seems to go with the territory. Most of us understand that. It’s a Scot-Irish thing, and nearly all of America’s war heroes have been Scot-Irish.

It matters little to Noonan that Trump’s policy accomplishments have made life better for millions of Americans. Trump’s goal of making America great again doesn’t matter to her. She’d rather have a president with a soft personality than one who cuts taxes, brings manufacturing back to America, implements polices that have led to unprecedented job creation, and the lowest unemployment rates for all minorities.

We’ve had several GOP presidents of the Casper Milquetoast variety that have kept the seat warm in the oval office while presiding over the decline of America. Trump is the first since Ronald Reagan who believes that fighting for average Americans is more important than making nice with Democrat thugs.

Trump understands something apparently beyond Noonan’s ability to comprehend. Democrat progressives are going to hate you if you are a GOP conservative. The only way to get them to pretend to respect you is to adopt the John McCain strategy of saying nasty things about your fellow Republicans.

The pretense of respect is as far as it will ever go with them. The media will pretend to like you if you trash your fellow Republicans. McCain fell for it. He bathed himself in the soft light of their pretense. It only worked so long as McCain was willing to know his place and stay in it. The minute he announced his run for the Presidency in 2008 a hard reality hit him. They never really liked him, they just liked his constant sabotaging of his own party.

Unlike so many in the GOP Trump understands that appeasement of Democrat bullies never works. It’s actually provocative. They’ll give the pretense for a while but eventually they will no longer hold their venom.

To the Americans that elected Trump he is a savior, saving them from the stupid job-killing policies of progressives. Noonan should know better. She apparently has become a bitter old woman way past her prime. She should stick to her knitting and leave the political analysis to younger more adept thinkers.

Victor Davis Hanson takes Noonan to task:

Peggy Noonan, apparently like many, believes that Trump’s occasional callousness and crassness are unprecedented. And they have so befouled the political landscape that he has spawned rude and crude leftwing imitators. The result allegedly is the vile language of the “mean girls” such as the anti-Semitism and foul speech of Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

VDH then recalls a litany of trash talking Democrats over the last 20 years, including two books favoring assassination of George W. Bush. The venom and hatred heaped on Republicans by Democrats and their media hounds is collected in a devastating critic of Noonan’s WSJ column. Nobody can do it better than Victor Davis Hanson.

Trump hits back when attacked. Noonan prefers GOP presidents who pose as sniveling victims while accomplishing little or nothing for the American people. What a dope.

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