If PDT agrees to be interviewed by Mueller he should demand same treatment Hillary got

Rush Limbaugh yesterday considered what parameters Trump should demand before submitting to an interview with Robert Mueller. If PDT agrees to be interviewed by Mueller he should demand same treatment Hillary got. Why not the same procedure that was accorded to Hillary Clinton by James Comey? Remember, Comey wrote up his recommendation she not be prosecuted before he interview her.  The fix was in, the conclusion not to prosecute was set in stone before hand. The interview was window dressing.

Here’s Rush , from hour one of he radio show yesterday. It’s brilliant:

RUSH:  So I checked the email during the break.  Somebody wants to know if there are any circumstances under which I would suggest to President Trump that he go ahead and sit down for an interview with Mueller.  And, yeah, I can think of some things that if I were Trump’s lawyers I would demand.  I would demand to testify but not under oath, like Mrs. Clinton. I would demand an exoneration letter before I sat down like Comey gave Hillary. And then I would demand an exoneration letter after the interview.

And then I would demand that a bunch of my assistants and aides be allowed to sit in on the interview. And I want to be able to call them lawyers so that I have attorney-client privilege with them so that nothing can happen to them.  And then I want it stipulated at the end of the interview — like it was with James Comey and Hillary Clinton — that whatever went on here, there’s nothing to it ’cause I didn’t intend to do anything wrong.  If Trump could secure the same identical circumstances that were granted to Hillary Clinton, then why not sit down for the interview and answer the questions?

But of course, I speak facetiously because everybody knows that Donald Trump is not gonna get the Hillary Clinton treatment extended by James Comey.  And can you imagine if he did? Can you imagine the American left and the media if Trump got the same treatment Hillary did?  “Okay.  Mr. President, we’re not gonna have you under oath.  We’re gonna interview you, by the way, two days before we issue our report.”  That’s another thing.  “We’re gonna issue our report on Monday, and we’re gonna interview you on Saturday, and only for three hours.

This is brilliant and it’s fun to imagine, but I see one possible downside. Hillary Clinton is guilty of everything she’s been accused of. Trump is not guilty of anything he has been accused of. He should add to Rush’s transcript that since Comey was willing to grant privileges to a crook that is guilty as sin, Mueller should do no less for an innocent Trump who has been gruesomely hounded for over a year on the basis of completely false charges. Trump should give a speech incorporating Rush’s remarks, but make certain that it’s intended as parody and satire.

As satire it’s almost as good as Jonathan Swift. Trump could introduce the speech as “A Modest Proposal.”

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