Paradoxes and oxymorons


In a war it is necessary to kill a lot of people in order to stop people from killing each other.

If a nation wants peace the only way to get it is to be well prepared for war.

Obliquity may enable one to attain a goal he could not accomplish directly.

Neanderthals became extinct because of their extensive interbreeding with Asians.


In a village the barber shaves all men who do not shave themselves, but no one else. Who shaves the barber?

It was an open secret that the company had used a paid volunteer to test the plastic glasses.

Liquid gasoriginal copyalmost exactly, pretty ugly, simply impossible. clearly confused, deafening silence and only choice are all oxymorons that have become common figures of speech and thus are not consciously thought of as oxymoronic anymore.

UPDATE: Here’s a real beaut’ I just found:  A reporter at a press conference on some immigration bill actually asked about “law-abiding illegal workers”.

Difference between a paradox and an oxymoron is that an oxymoron is a statement, condition or circumstance that is contradictory, illogical and false.  A paradox is a statement, condition or circumstance that appears to many or even most people to be contradictory, illogical and false, but is actually consistent, logical and true.

A simple and welcome paradox: I ate breakfast and the temporary tooth the dentist installed while I await my crown to be made is still in place.

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