On being thankful on Thanksgiving

Thoughts from Powerline’s Ammo Grrrl:

Since Thanksgiving was yesterday, let me enumerate just a few of the blessings that have been mine, living even as I do way off to the margins: two loving parents; good health; a wicked-smart, adoring husband; wonderful, loyal, funny friends; a beautiful son; the chance to travel all over this great land for three decades plying a successful comedic trade; and, of course, this awesome country and its heady freedom and unlimited opportunity.

And there is not one screaming, hysterical protester of any color, any real or pretend gender, who would be prevented from having any of those blessings. Not one. Healthy habits, good friends, a loving partner, children, an enjoyable career – all within anyone’s grasp.

To all the embarrassing whiners manufacturing the most petty grievances, I say: Learn what’s really important. What’s the over/under on how many BLM supporters knew who “Calhoun” was before they were told to be enraged about a building named after him? And now that you know, it affects your life how, again?

Grow up; shut up; and get a life. Your massive, gratuitous rage will only raise your blood pressure and shorten that life. If you think your life will be improved away from the racist, rape-culture-y hellholes of Harvard Law or Dartmouth or Princeton, for the love of God, feel free to give up your spot to the next poor soul. Hey, maybe even to the applicant with 400 more SAT points than you whose place you took because of the color of your skin. Maybe she would have cured cancer instead of pretending to worry about John C. Calhoun.

Gratitude builds happiness, envy tears it down. I hope all the campus social justice warriors had a nice Thanksgiving.  And if they did I hope they know it.

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