On abolishing the death penalty

Kurt Sheidegger at Crime and ConsequencesIf the death penalty is abolished on Tuesday, the campaign to abolish life without parole begins on Wednesday.  We don’t have to speculate about that.  We have already seen it with the 17-year-old murderers.

Liberals can somehow erase from their minds any vision of the victims of barbaric murderers. The victims are gone never to be seen again. The murderer is right here and visible. He’s in handcuffs or behind bars so he’s no longer an immediate threat. Liberals can’t see past that. They sympathize with real-bad-awful-heinous-monster killers. It’s weird.

For example, this:

Ninth Circuit Voids AZ Death Sentence:  A divided panel of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned the death sentence of a brutal Tuscon murderer.  Madison Alder of Cronkite News reports that the Court’s two-judge majority lead by Judge Stephen Reinhardt announced that all of the lower courts which had reviewed and rejected murderer Robert Douglas Smith’s claim that he was intellectually disabled during the murder were wrong, and that a low IQ test in 1964 proved that Smith was too retarded to have been responsible for the kidnapping, rape and grisly murder of 29-year-old hitchhiker Sandy Owen.  Subsequent tests found that Smith had a near normal IQ.  After raping her twice, Smith initially tried unsuccessfully to strangle Owen to death,  then held her down while an accomplice stabbed her several times, which also failed to kill her.  Smith then tried to break the woman’s neck.  She was finally killed after they crushed her head with a rock.

Sympathy for the killers, none for the innocent victim. Head screwed on backwards syndrome. A biting dissent by Judge Consuelo Callahan who has her head correctly screwed on. I hope AZ takes this to the Supreme Court because Judge Stephen Reinhardt is the most reversed judge in America.  The murder took place 35 years ago! Complete system breakdown is what this is.

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