OMG, I’m beginning to like McConnell — for standing up to the mob

You can’t blame me or anyone for thinking McConnell was going to cave to the mob on Kavanaugh. But something remarkable happened. McConnell stood up to the Democrat mob! That, my friends, enabled his win. No one wins anything when they cave.

Something that has happened before is more likely to happen again. Something that has never happened before, or very seldom has happened before, is unlikely to happen.

McConnell and the rest of the GOP Senate have made a practice of caving to the Democrat mob time after time. Why would I think they wouldn’t do so again on the Kavanaugh appointment? Why would I think, once again, that hope might prevail over experience? I can’t keep that up, I’ve told myself. I’m feeling more and more foolish every time I hope against hope that this time will be different.

Voila! This time… it was different.

I’m generally a pessimist, especially when it comes to the GOP Senate. Remember how they let the Democrats get away with trickery to avoid Senate filibuster rules to pass Obamacare? Remember how the gave Obama every damn stupid thing he wanted for 8 years and never once, or almost never, stood up to Democrats on the Obama agenda of transforming America into a New Venezuela? After all that, why would anyone have thought they were going to do the right thing on Kavanaugh?

Mob violence is a Democrat ritual

And then, something happened. The GOP Senate suddenly stood up to the Democrat mob. And then, and then, they won and the mob lost. Please God, let this be a lesson for them. Let them savor finally winning something, and let them remember how they achieved this victory. The won the only way you ever win in politics as played by Democrats. You stand up to them. You don’t take it anymore. They’re so surprised they become flummoxed. They’re not used to anyone taking them on. What they’re used to is the GOP withering under their barrage of violence, name calling and fake news. It’s worked in the past, nearly every time. They believed it would work again and forever.

Because of my usual pessimism I’m a happy camper right now. Pessimism, you see, it the right way to go. You are almost always right and when you’re wrong, you are surprised and delighted. I was wrong! I couldn’t be more delighted!

The video below which aired October 5th is 9 minutes of pure delight as Laura Ingraham and Senator Mitch McConnell relish their delicious victory over the Dem mob on the Kavanaugh fight. The only thing I would fault them for, and this is really just a nit pick, is that only focused on Balsy Ford’s lack of corroborating evidence. That standing by itself has lost some of its former power because the legal rules on rape trials have changed by making it so a prima facie case can be made out without corroborating evidence. I hope the courts will come to their senses and go back to the way it was formerly, but in the meantime that’s the lay of the land. [I meant “lay”, not “law.” Its too stupid a thing to call it a law]

What I wish McConnell might want to do in future interviews is to harp on her testimony itself, as Trump did at one of his rallies. He attacked her lack of memory of the basic points of her accusation. She couldn’t remember where the attack took place. She couldn’t remember when it took place. She couldn’t who was there. At least four people she said were there have claimed they were not there.

Any woman who has been raped will likely never forget any of that. We men don’t really know what it’s like to be a woman who is raped. Rape is terrible. It’s just about the worst thing that can happen to a woman. Losing a child to deathly disease or accident may be the only thing worse. Maybe the death of a husband is worse, depends on the husband.

There are many reasons why the Democrat mob lost this. The main one its that in spite of all their spite, Brett Kananaugh is a good and decent man. A son, a husband, a father to women who know he is innocent of the malicious accusations made against him by a very troubled woman.

The video below begins with Susan Collins’ speech on why she supports Kavanaugh. You may wonder who are the two women seating behind Susan Collins?  To some, they look like they’re either bored or disgusted or both. They are neither. They are Republican Senators Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia and Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi. They both had both previously announced their support for Kavanaugh’s nomination.

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