“Occupy Wall Street” activist kills Colorado deputy, wounds 2 others

From the Denver Post:

BAILEY — A political [“Occupy”] activist opened fire on Park County sheriff’s deputies trying to evict him from his mountain home Wednesday, killing one deputy and wounding two others. The gunman also died.

The shooting happened around 9:30 a.m. at the secluded Friendship Ranch subdivision, said Susan Medina, a Colorado Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman.

“It is a dark day,” Medina said.

The deputy who died, Cpl. Nate Carrigan, was a 13-year veteran of the Park County Sheriff’s Office and a beloved high school baseball and football coach.

Carrigan became the first deputy killed in the line of duty at the sheriff’s office, officials said.

Master Patrol Deputy Kolby Martin, an 11-year veteran of the office, was shot multiple times in the lower extremities and was in critical condition at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood.

Capt. Mark Hancock, a 21-year veteran of the office, was shot in the ear but was treated and released.

The shooter was Martin Wirth, a 58-year-old Occupy Denver activist who had stopped paying his mortgage in 2013.

Here is local television report on the shooter’s background:

After the Aurora theater shooting ABC news investigative reporter Brian Ross breathlessly reported finding a James Holmes who is a Tea Party member. Hoping they had finally been able to link the Tea Party to gun violence they went with the story that the Aurora Theater shooter just might be a Tea Party activist, but alas, they had the wrong guy. The real James Holmes was just another liberal scumbag with no conservative or Republican political connections whatsoever.

So now an “Occupy” activist has killed a sheriff’s deputy, critically injured another deputy and wounded a third. Obama and the Democrats saw the Occupy movement as the liberal answer to the tea Party. Obama said he was on the side of the Occupy movement and mocked the Tea Party calling its members “Tea Baggers.”

Obama and his buddies in the national media have never found the violent killer they hoped would emerge from the Tea Party Movement, but now it’s clear they have one in their friendly little “Occupy” movement.

This was easily foretold by the different way the Tea Party and the Occupy crowd conducted themselves at their respective protests. The Tea Party was orderly and cleaned up after every event leaving little trace on the landscape. Every Occupy protest was attended with violence including sexual assaults and robberies, and the landscape was trashed with garbage and feces. Well, of course. The Tea Party is made of people who want to restore America’s greatness. The Occupy movement is just a bunch of freeloaders and criminals.

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