Lines Cross on Obama’s Job Approval is an average of all polls. The average of all polls now shows Obama’s disapproval of job performance greater than his approval.

Disapprove of job performance is 48.3%
Approve is 47.8%
It was an event when the approval rating fell below 50%, this is a bigger event.

Rasmussen has disapproval at 52% and approval at 47% in a poll conducted 12/3 to 12/5 of 1500 likely voters. Polls of likely voters (those who voted in previous elections) are more accurate of what will happen in an election than polls of registered voters (whether or not they have a voting history) or of adults (without regard to whether they are even registered to vote).

We all told that polls are just a snapshot in time and don’t necessarily show a trend. But Obama’s polls happen to show a consistent trend: down.

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