Obama’s Enemies

From his radio address to Hispanics on Univision this Monday:

‘We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us,’

By “enemies” he means his fellow Americans who don’t agree with his liberal policies.

Establishment Republicans are going around talking about how they plan to “work with Obama after the election.” They seem to think that’s possible, that Obama will move to the center, that Obama will work with them. This sort of thinking explains why the Tea Party Movement exists. The old guard Republican establishment is asleep at the wheel, out of touch, doesn’t pay attention, doesn’t get it, or worse, delusional. If they would only listen, they would have heard Obama on Monday in a speech in Rhode Island say this as part of his “car in the ditch” metaphor:

“We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.”

Can you imagine the fire storm that would be ignited if any White Republican said anything of that sort about Obama? What kind of man uses metaphors and rhetoric against other people that he knows are self-restrained from responding with anything similar about him? A self-absorbed malignant narcissist is what kind.

Obama reserves his real anger and inflammatory rhetoric for his fellow Americans who disagree with him. We have never heard him come even close to using such language when talking about Islamic terrorists who are killing Americans and Israelis, and generally plotting to wreak havoc throughout the Western world.

Shannon Love at Chicago Boyz gets to the heart of Obama:

Who Does Obama Really Get Mad At?

Some excerpts:

Leftists have long accused non-leftists as vilifying and seeking to attack “the other”. Leftists have lectured us for decades about how non-leftists mark out those deemed outgroups, e.g., foreigners and our own native criminals, and then sought to direct the violence-based coercive power of the state against those outgroups. In short, non-leftists like to shoot Nazis and hang serial killers.

However, leftists also wish to direct the violence-based coercive power of the state against other human beings. However, they make it clear that directing the power of the state against foreigners and native criminals is barbaric and seldom, if ever, needed. Attacking foreigners and criminals is beneath them. Only Neanderthals think like that. All dictators and criminals need is a stern talking to. Who then do they wish to direct the power of the state against?

Their neighbors.

The left is obsessed with dominating and controlling their fellow non-violent Americans. They either want to make people permanently dependent or they wish to force others to behave as leftists believe best. Everything in their ideology, including their foreign policy, revolves around forcing their fellow Americans to do something they otherwise wouldn’t do. That is why Obama only uses harsh rhetoric and shows passions when vilifying his fellow Americans. In his mind, we are his only enemies of significance.

It is one of the dark ironies of the 20th Century that when leftists complain about military spending, especially during a shooting war, they are really talking about diverting force from killing foreigners and instead directing it at Americans.

Obama is a wholly typical leftist. If you’re not dependent on Obama, you are his enemy. He will be more angry at you than at outsiders who are actually killing Americans.

I hope I haven’t quoted so much you won’t go and read the whole thing. It’s just so good and all went together, but please don’t let that stop you. You will find some pretty good comments there also.

UPDATE: Obama told Al Sharpton on the radio today that if Republicans take over the House he will “be fighting them day and night.”

Are you listening Republican establishment leaders? You still think you’re going to be able to work with this guy? Well, there is one way you could. Just ask him what he wants you to do and then do it. Yeah, that’ll work.

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