Obama’s Biggest and Most Disastrous Legacy

Hard to know, there are so many to choose from. Obamacare; Middle East on fire; stagnant economy; breach of his oath of office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitutiion of the United States” with illegal executive orders; paving the way for Iran, a sworn enemy of America, to get nuclear weapons; one foreign policy disaster after another from Benghazi, Libya, Muslim Brotherhood in power (briefly) in Egypt, inabliity to even define terrorism much less fght it; constant hectoring of peaceful law-abiding Americans about their guns;  The rise of ISIS; and probably at least ten more that we could think of.

The big one is that Obama has set back race relations in America to the 1960s.

Obama’s biggest Failure:

When the country elected Barack Obama president in 2008, those of us who disagreed with many of his policy ideas were nonetheless consoled by the fact that his victory illustrated that America had moved well beyond institutional racism. Certainly the fact that Obama had succeeded in both a hard-fought Democratic primary and a general election meant that the country was ready to move past the intense focus on race in our national politics. Boy, were we wrong! Rather than seeing his own victory as a significant advance in American social life, Obama and those he appointed to his administration vigorously put forward the idea that America remains a deeply racist country, and they have redefined racism in the broadest terms possible. It’s not a coincidence, then, that more than seven years into the administration of the nation’s first black president, Americans are more deeply divided on race then they have been in decades. Their own president has fostered the divide.

Read the whole thing. The only thing I found to disagree with is the word “failure” in the title. Failure implies one has tried but failed. I don’t think Obama tried at all. I don’t think he tried to carry on the steady improvement in racial strife that began in the 1960s and proceeded until the day he was inagurated. I don’t think he has any respect for what was surely the fastest and most remarkable turn around in racial bias that has ever happened in all of history. I think he did what he wanted to do and he got what he had to know would be the consequences of what he did. We are all deemed to have intended what we know, or should know, will be the consequences of our actions. The furtherance of racial strife is therefor not a failure of Obama, it is his legacy. It is his twisted idea of an achievement.

Martin Luther King’s dream that “one day my little children will be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin,” died almost right after he died. The Black Power Movement and the Black Panthers snuck in under darkness and replaced it. These movements were taken over by street criminals such as Stokely Carmichael, Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver and Angela Davis, just to name a few.  Where King stood for peaceful protest and the sort of progress Booker T. Washington counseled at the turn of the 20th Century, these black leaders stood for violence, criminal activity and even murder.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are not creations of Barack Obama. They created the race grievance industry in America, and that preceded him on this crime scene. But Obama has certainly done his best to make these race hustlers more successful, all to the detriment of race relations in the United States. As the massacre of white police officers in Dallas has shown, race relations in America are deja vu all over again.  It’s not quite 1964 again, at least not yet. Obama still has 7 months in office, though.

All this is due to the terrible race-baiting leadership of Barack Obama. His fingerprints are all over it.

James woods

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