Obamacare exchanges are government sponsored consumer fraud

Obama says the insurance exchanges are offering policies that are better than the “sub-standard” insurance you now have. No, he’s still lying. The exchange policies are probably worse than the one you already had and which he promised you could keep.

Consumer fraud alert:

Consumers should think twice before going online to check out Obamacare. The policies offered are not only sub-standard, you won’t even be able to tell which ones are worse than others.

Last week, we pointed out that the new exchange insurance policies are not better than those being canceled, despite administration claims.

Among other serious issues, the new policies may not pay doctors as much. If you think that won’t affect you, think again. Doctors will not want you if your policy pays less, or they will spend even less time with you than they do currently.

Obamacare is screwing with Medicare also:

For now, Medicare will pay your doctor more than Medicaid, and probably more than an Obamacare exchange policy, but don’t expect that to last. The Obamacare legislation was partly financed with major cuts to doctor compensation under Medicare. Those cuts have not happened yet, but when and if they do, expect a mass exodus of doctors from Medicare.

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