Obama wants to go over the fiscal cliff: If Republicans were smart…

They would do want you should always do when your opponent is making a mistake. That is, get out of the way and let him go. They can even justify their position in this case. Two months ago Americans voted for BIG GOVERNMENT. So let them have it, along with the taxes that are needed to pay for it.

Teaching is part of good politics. Conservatism is not as easy as liberalism. Conservative public policies lead to economic growth, individual initiative, and freedom. Liberal policies are all about government control with its attendant loss of personal liberty and economic stagnation. But liberalism sounds good to people if they don’t bother to think it through. Apparently, this lesson has to be experienced to be learned. The hyper inflation, sky high interest rates, and economic stagnation of the 1970’s taught people that liberalism is a god that always fails. So they opted for conservatism, elected Ronald Reagan and got 30 years of freedom, low taxes and a prospering economy.

The current generation has forgotten all that. They have to learn it all over again. They want big government. They don’t understand that they won’t like it when they get it. Until they get it, that is. No amount of reason or logic is going to shake them from this madness. There is only one thing to do. Let it go. Let Obama have his tumble over the cliff and into the abyss. It’s not as if you could stop him anyway.

Republicans are about to make a colossal mistake of their own. While Obama wants to go over the cliff, he wants it to appear to be the Republicans’ fault. By engaging in secret talks, and making some sort of boneheaded “deal” with Obama, they are walking into a terrible trap. Lenin famously said that capitalists would sell him the rope to hang them with. Republicans, if they aren’t careful, will take that one step further. They will give Obama the rope to hang them with, for free.

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