Obama, the Voldemort Effect and the Great Liberal Betrayal of secular Muslims

The video below was recorded in June, 2016 but its message is relevant to today and will remain so I believe. Maajid Nawaz is not a Trump supporter, at least not when this video was made. I have a feeling he’ll become a Trump supporter at some point. At any rate he’s a very smart guy and speaks eloguently on the “Voldemort Effect.” You know what that is if you’re a devotee of Harry Potter novels, and if you’re not Nawaz will explain it in this video. Nawaz’s main point is the great liberal betrayal of ordinary Muslims who are not terrorists. Having traveling in the Middle East in 2002 (just about the last time that was a safe thing to do) I found that ordinary Muslims are wonderful people who are always eager to assist a stranger from a strange land making his way through countries where few speak his language, nor he theirs (except for a few key words and phrases).

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