Obama targets vulnerable seniors with gun grab

Imagine a disabled senior citizen who has designated someone else, a family member most likely, to receive their Social Security payments and to manage their bill payments for them. The senior citizen may be in a wheel chair or need a walker or perhaps just wants to have a son or a daughter who isn’t as forgetful handle their bill payments. Just because someone receives assistance in handling their financial affairs in no way indicates they are mentally incompetent. It merely indicates they are old and frail. That makes them vulnerable to bunco artists and fraudsters peddling slick financials schemes.

Because of their age and frailty there are also subject to predators and other criminals who might attack them in a robbery, or just to satisfy their depraved desire for excitement. Some of these old folks live in dangerous neighborhoods. Four-legged predators are also a concern. It’s not unheard of for the next door drug addicted violent criminal to be harboring a vicious pit bull that has invaded a home and attacked the occupants.

These are some of the most vulnerable people among us so of course, Obama wants to make them even more vulnerable by depriving them of the means to defend themselves from criminal attack. Obama, with his pernicious anti-gun ideology, has made himself one more predator they have to worry about. “Predator” is not too strong a word to describe this latest madness because Obama sees these senior citizens as “targets” for his wicked schemes to neuter the Second Amendment. It is all the more worse because there is not one scintilla of evidence that anyone in this class of senior citizens presents a danger to themselves or anyone else.

Congressman Sam Johnson has written to the Social Security Administration Commissioner Carolyn Colvin asking her to desist from taking any further action in this regard. Eighteen other congressman are co-signers. Please ask your Congressman to join with Congressman Sam Brown.

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