Obama losing Millennials

According to a poll released Wednesday by the Harvard Institute of Politics Millennials are abandoning Obama and Democrats as well.  By 51% to 47% they want the GOP to control Congress. Among 18-29 year-olds who say they will “definitely be voting next Tuesday,” Obama’s job approval rating is just 42 percent, with 56% disapprove.

Young Hispanic support for Obama is falling as well: “Support for the president among young Hispanics, who just two years ago supported Obama over Mitt Romney by 51-points (74% to 23%), appears to be weakening. The president’s job approval rating among Hispanics now sits at the lowest since the IOP began tracking the administration in 2009, with only 49 percent saying they approve (46% disapprove) – a significant drop from six months ago among the young Hispanic community (60%: April 2014) and a sharp slide from five years ago (81%: November 2009).”

Obama was the blind date that excited Millennials when the evening was young, but it’s nearing midnight now and they’re anxious to ditch him and forget this nightmare ever happened.

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