Obama intel agencies spied on Trump campaign

Nixon was forced to resign the presidency for covering up Watergate, and could have been prosecuted criminally if President Ford had not pardoned him.  Obama’s spying on the Trump campaign was arguably worse because Obama, unlike Nixon, used the National Security Agency to do his spying for him.

Nixon did not compromise the NSA. The watergate burglars were private individuals, not government agents. Nixon did not direct G. Gordon Liddy and Howard Hunt, who were administration officials, to orchestrate a break-in of the headquarters of the Democrat party in the Watergate complex. Nixon wasn’t even aware of what they were doing. Nixon’s guilt was solely his participation in the cover up.

Obama’s domestic spying on Americans, and his use of the NSA to spy on the Trump campaign was worse than Watergate because all of it was done with his knowledge and direction and it was done by various agencies of the United States government, including the NSA. The NSA is forbidden by law from conducting domestic spying operations. The FBI must first seek a warrant to wire tap Americans.

Obama was and is personally corrupt in ways that far exceed anything Richard Nixon ever did. Obama spread his corruption throughout the United States government. It was not just to spy on Americans, but he also polticized many of America’s regulatory agencies. Lois Lerner’s use of her Internal Revenue Service position to hinder Tea Party organizations, The EPA’s overreach to regulate activites of Americans in ways far exceeding its delegated powers, these are just two examples among many.

The proof is in:

Obama intel agency secretly conducted illegal searches on Americans for years

Was Obama administration illegal spying worse than Watergate?

Meanwhile, the wizards of smart in the American media could not care less what Obama did. They applaud what he did. They’re busy bees right now desperately trying to find some evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump. After exhaustive search for months they’ve found nothing. They are determined. By hook or crook they are going to at least find that Trump jay walked on Pennsylvania Avenue and that he should be impeached and removed from office for that offense.

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