Obama Insider Talking Out Of School?

Michael Kennedy at Chicagoboyz says:

Roger Simon has links to a series running on another blog that is alleged to consist of interviews of a White House insider in the Obama administration who has become disenchanted. The interviewee is, of course, anonymous and there are doubts about the authenticity but it rings true to me.

Kennedy posted excerpts of the parts he found most interesting here. The whole interview is in three parts.

Part One is — The President is Losing It

Part Two is — The President Needs To Grow Up

Part Three is — What The Hell Have We Done?

You may have trouble getting into those sites. They were experiencing heavy traffic when I posted this. There are lots of pieces of the interview at Chicagoboyz if you can’t get into the source.

Here is an excerpt from Part One that I found interesting:

Can he win in 2012?

    Oh – absolutely. Who else campaigns as well as Barack Obama? Nobody. What politician is more loved and supported by the media? Nobody. I don’t see the Republicans offering up a candidate as powerful as Obama. I mean Sarah Palin? Really? Obama would defeat her by a 20 point landslide! Romney? The Republicans will enjoy these midterm elections, but 2012 is Obama’s year if he chooses to run again. As a president, Obama has many flaws, but as a candidate, he is near flawless.

But would another four years of an Obama presidency be the best thing for America?

    (Long pause) Now that is a much more interesting question right there, and a question I think more and more Democrat Party insiders are asking themselves these days, myself included. I am going to come right out and say it – No. Obama is not up to the job of being president. He simply doesn’t seem to care about the work involved. You want to know what? Obama is lazy. He really is. And it is getting worse and worse. Would another four years of Obama be the best thing for America? No it would not. What this country needs is a president who is focused on the job more than on themselves. Obama is not that individual. I actually hope he doesn’t run again. Looking back, as much fun as the campaign in 2008 was, Hillary Clinton should have been the nominee. Hillary was ready to be president. Obama was not ready. He had never lost a campaign. Everything was handed to him. He doesn’t really understand the idea of work – real, hard, get your heart and soul into it work. And frankly, that is very disappointing to a whole lot of us…

This is sure interesting and I agree that it rings true, but it has not been authenticated, if that is even possible. We don’t know who the “insider” is and we don’t know exactly who he or she was talking to. Readers will have to decide for themselves, after reading the whole thing, whether this is real or a hoax. If it is a hoax, the hoaxer sure knows a lot about the Obama campaign and the Obama administration.

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