Obama, Hillary setting gun sale records

seriously, peopleEleven straight months of record gun sales cannot be explained except by the strident calls for gun confiscation by Obama and Hillary. Confiscation, you say? Well, yes. They don’t say that explicitly but that is exactly what they would love to do and everybody knows it. Hillary has not so privately said as much. She has publicly called for the United States to consider adopting an Australian-style gun confiscation scheme. She also has said she wants to overturn the Supreme Court’s Heller decision holding that the 2nd Amendment secures an individual right to keep and bear arms. Her advisors must be nuts.

The so-called “gun culture” has changed dramatically in the last 20 years with tens of thousands of women deciding that owning a gun and getting a concealed carry permit for their personal protection might be a good idea. This is significant if you believe, as do I, that we live in a society in which women set the tone of what is deemed good, true and beautiful.* Women want to be able to protect themselves and their families. They would probably be fine with a strong man protecting them, but for many women a good man is hard to find. They’ve accepted responsibility for their own safety. Having arrived at this juncture in their lives, they aren’t going to look kindly on any politician trying to take that away from them.

A parallel cause of record gun sales, also the work of Obama and his minions, is the increase in violent crime resulting from the War on Cops, for which Obama bears heavy responsibility. A Hillary Clinton presidency would mean a doubling down on liberal confusion over who the true bad guys are.

Hillary and Obama can certainly cause a ruckus with their rhetoric but I’m glad for it. They’re helping to set the right to keep and bears arms in social concrete.

*The most powerful lobbying group in world history is Mothers Against Drunk Driving. When women decided it was time for them to vote it didn’t take long (15 months) for the 19th Amendment to be approved by Congress and ratified by 3/4th of the States. The Territory of Wyoming gave women the right to vote in 1869, 21 years before it became a state. Abortion laws were repealed because women wanted that to happen (philandering men also wanted abortion to be legalized but they never would have got that on their own). Same sex marriage attitudes quickly changed when women decided it should happen (I’ll never understand what the hell they were thinking on that one.)

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