Obama Hardly Knew Who Bill Ayers Was, Right?

That’s what Obama said, repeatedly. Ayers, he was just some guy in the neighborhood, hardly knew him. But it’s becoming pretty well documented that Bill Ayers wrote Obama’s book, Dreams of My Father.

Donald Trump is one of those guys who says things we might like to say but don’t because we aren’t quite sure about it and we don’t want to make fools of ourselves. Trump is going after Obama on his refusal to release his actual birth certificate and put the whole “birther” thing to rest. And tonight he told Sean Hannity that Bill Ayers wrote Obama’s book.

Pretty soon that one will be established as fact, then we won’t be afraid to say it. I’ll say it. Bill Ayers wrote Obama’s book. Of course, to believe that you’d have to believe that Obama told a bald-faced lie when he said Ayers was just a guy down the block and he hardly knew him. Well shucks, that’s easy to believe.

UPDATE 10/17/2011: Interesting video showing Obama’s ability to use time distortion to deflect attention from his association with Bill Ayers at The NLP Technology. You may remember him saying “40 years ago when I was 8 years old Mr. Ayers did despicable acts while associated with a radical domestic group…” Of course, 40 years ago when Obama was 8 years old is not the issue, the issue is Obama’s relationship with Ayers now and in the recent past. John McCain was too dense to point that out, of course. Maybe he was afraid of appearing racist.

The video at the link also shows how Ayers misdirects attention from the real issue in response to a question about his relationship with Obama and makes it appear to be no more than knowing who Obama was, as did thousand of other people. This is similar to him referring to himself in his latest book as “an anti-war activist” when he was making bombs and blowing things up, getting people killed, destroying buildings, and becoming a fugitive from the law. Most of us were “anti-war activists” during the sixties, defined by writing letters to the editor of our student newspaper and arguing with our friends over pizza and beer. Ayers’ activities made him a domestic terrorist and a dangerous criminal.

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