Obama Gives Interpol Green Light to Conduct Secret Criminal Investigations of Americans

Obama signed an executive order last week exempting Interpol from constraints that apply to every law enforcement agency in America. Constraints like say, the Constitution, FOIA and other laws and treaties that protect our rights and prevents government agencies from operating in complete secrecy. This is not just about wrecking the health care system, tanking the economy, or making America a laughing stock by the amateurish behavior of its President. This is about our national security and preventing terrorism on American soil. This is about making international criminals out of those who try to protect us from terrorism. It is about giving over our sovereignty to that Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization known as the United Nations and that far left political tool known as the International Criminal Court.

I don’t have the patience to detail it here, but there is no reason for that when you can get the full picture at these sources:

Erick Erickson

Andy McCarthy

Threats Watch

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