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We know the British newspapers cover the stories from the U.S. that our own media ignores. The Climategate story was an example of what anyone with a brain would consider to be a major news story that most American newspapers and TV all but pretended never occurred. The American MSM has, since 9/11, refused to publish any of the photos of the collapse of the World Trade Center. Nothing to see there, they think. Nothing there that fits their narrative.

Now the UK Daily Mail has, by a freedom of information act request, obtained aerial photos taken by the NYPD but which were never made public, for who knows what reason. All of the photos are here.

Today’s New York Post has an excellent must-read story: Beyond Mourning

Here is an excerpt:

The attacks were acts of mass murder, committed to advance political goals that were — and remain — antithetical to civilization itself.

This is one of the NYPD photos: [See them all here. ]
Don’t miss the video just below the photo.

Here is Andrew Klavan from September 11th a year ago:

The price of liberty is great, but the gifts of liberty are priceless.

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