NYC Residents Noticing That Crime Is Up, Not Down

Elections matter. When people use their freedom to elect leaders who do not share their view on law an order they get what they should expect. More crime. Rudy Giuliani fixed the city’s problems and left New Yorkers with the gift of a livable city. Since then New Yorkers have shown themselves to be poor stewards of all that Giuliani gave them.

Am I being unfair blaming the voters? What about the City Government? What about the mayor, Bill De Bolshevik. Aren’t De Bolshevik and his gangster politicians the real problem?

Yes, but they had to get elected by the people. They didn’t just walk into City Hall and take over. I have little sympathy for voters who are guilty of voting malpractice.

Hot Air:

CBS New York has a good review of some recent interviews with residents of Gotham who have been living with the reality of life in the Big Apple under the leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio. And that new reality is nothing to write home about. It’s true that the NYPD has managed to keep crime statistics down in two of the biggest categories – murder and rape – but aside from that, crime rates have been rising nearly across the board. Robberies, shootings, muggings and assaults have all been on the rise. And people have already been noticing.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is defending his policies in the face of skyrocketing crime in New York City.

It’s a dramatic example of why some New Yorkers say they don’t feel safe on the streets of New York City: one day last week, just before noon, a 28-year-old woman was stopped in her tracks by a man with a box cutter on West 51st Street in Hell’s Kitchen. He threatened to slash her, then reached into her jacket and grabbed her cell phone.

It’s no wonder why a neighbor, a mother of two young children, says she’s thinking of moving.

“I grew up here my whole life. It’s definitely changed. I do not feel safe anymore. Honestly, I felt safer in the ’80s,” she said. “I just feel like crime is up more. I mean they say it isn’t, but that’s BS.”

This trend actually has some New Yorkers feeling nostalgic for the old mayor. One woman interviewed for the article is quoted as saying, “Since Bloomberg left office, the city has changed.”

All Nanny Doomberg did was allow Giuliani’s policies to remain in place. He didn’t have any ideas of his own except regulating how much soda New Yorkers would be allowed to drink or how much salt they could have. Like I said, voters who commit voter malpractice get what they voted for.

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