Not sure Trump Understands the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Trump may not have a full grasp of the Iraeli-Palistinian conflict but that’s not really criticism. [I wrote that sentence in 2017. I think Trump now completely understands it] Almost nobody understands it even though it’s not very complicated. It can be broken down into just twelve words” Palestinians like to kill Jews and they don’t want to ever stop.

How do you negotiate peace with an intractable adversary whose main goal is to kill you and has made it clear over a long period of time that this point is not negotiable? You can’t. Period.  If your adversary absolutely under no circumstances will ever stop themselves, the only option then is to stop them by whatever means you can.

Knowing this truth about the Palestinians it would be foolish for Israel to ever agree to any peace deal that does not include a Palestinian statement that they have given up on killing Jews. Even then, how could Israel be sure that no matter what the deal, the Palestinians would simply take whatever is given them and within a short time resume killing? Whatever was given them in the peace agreement would in all likelihood enhance their ability to continue killing Jews.

The bottom line is there is never going to be a viable end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict unless and until the Palestinians are rendered unable to carry out continued attacks against Israel and Israeli citizens.

Trump seems to have broken his campaign promise to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. [Again I’m the one who was mistaken] He claims he has not broken this promise, that he just wants to wait and see if a peace deal can be negotiated first.  Trump is such a can-do guy he believes he can succeed where others have failed. In many instances he has proven that he can do that, but I don’t think he understands this situation. I don’t think he knows how different it will be. He’s going to find out. [Again and again, I wrote that in 2017 and now I’m eating crow]

I wonder if Trump knows that at the 2000 Camp David Summit, Bill Clinton and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak gave Yasser Arafat every single thing Arafat said he wanted to accept a peace deal. Arafat not only still refused. He stomped out of the meeting in a huff.

Why was Arafat mad, for goodness sake? They agreed to every one of his demands. The answer is simple if one understands what was really going on.

Arafat did not want a deal at all, no matter how good the terms might be. Arafat wanted the peace negotiation to fail. Why? Because he had amassed a multi-million dollar bank account in Switzerland on the backs of American and European taxpayers whose leaders had been and still are sending beaucoup bucks to the Palestinians. Why would Arafat want to give that up? Also, Arafat needed the conflict with Israel to hold onto his power with the Palestinians the same way American labor bosses need conflict with management to keep their union members happy.

You would think that a Democrat like Clinton would have understood Arafat perfectly. Democrats operate in similar fashion when they reject solutions to problems they have complained about for decades. The problem benefits them politically and so they don’t see solutions as in their interest.

Trump is sophisticated and smart, so why doesn’t he understand that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are no different than Arafat?  [Please pass the crow] The Palestinians don’t want a peace agreement so there won’t be one. Period.

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