It’s not just guns — It’s all of our rights they want

The left doesn’t stop at one thing. They want everything. Guns? That’s just a start. Freedom of speech is coming next. Oh hell, it’s already half gone if not more. They’ve been after that for some time claiming that any speech they don’t like is violence. They’ll double down on it now that some of us normals are fighting back to keep our freedom.

I couldn’t care less about bump stocks, but don’t think that’s going to satisfy them. Getting bump stocks made illegal will just energize them for getting everything else. They do want to confiscate all guns and no one should be fooled into thinking they don’t.

Once all the law-abiding decent people are disarmed crime will go through the roof as criminals party like it was 1980 again. Criminals won’t give up their guns and guess what, the left won’t even bother trying to get them. Something about criminals and the left, some sort of weird solidarity seems to be there. They never blame criminals for whatever they do, they always blame us normals because a good crime rise, just like a good crisis, is something they never want to let go to waste.

Stephen Paddock isn’t the bad guy in the mind of the left. No, the NRA is responsible for Las Vegas. Legal gun owners are the ones who should be so ashamed of what happened at Mandalay Bay. Criminals and sociopaths? They’re just forces of nature to the Left.


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