How NOT to grip a pistol

How not to grip a pistol

Free Beacon website used this photo to illustrate a story about an 82-year-old man who stopped a home invasion by shooting the perp in the butt. Turns out the elderly gentleman also stopped a father/son crime spree. I hope he was not holding his gun as depicted in the photo because it is the wrong way to grip a semi-auto pistol. Proper grip is one of the fundamentals of pistol shooting, (grip, hold control, breath control, trigger press, sight picture, sight alignment, follow through). The grip in the photo will cause the pistolero to lose the skin on the top of his left thumb when he pulls the trigger. The slide action of the pistol will come back at high speed before retracting and reloading the pistol for the next shot.

This video below shows where the left thumb should be. Both thumbs should be pointing at the target. I like this video but I have to say that as well as showing you how to grip a pistol, he also inadvertently shows you something you should never do. Never allow the muzzle of the pistol to point in an unsafe direction.

He’s pretty sloppy about his muzzle control, I guess because he is facing a video camera and not his students. But even so, he must be willing to destroy his video camera otherwise he wouldn’t allow his muzzle to cover it. Sometimes this is necessary to obtain the desired photo. If you value the camera you would check 14 times to be sure the gun in unloaded. He even allows the muzzle to cover part of his own body at one point. So watch the video for two good lessons. First, how to properly grip a pistol and second, how NOT to allow the muzzle to cover anything you are not willing to destroy.

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