Norman Borlaug (1914-2009) and the Green Revolution

What he did 50 years ago was called the Green Revolution. It saved a billion lives. If he hadn’t done it then, nobody would be allowed to do it today. Liberals would fight to stop it.

Don Surber explains what Borlaug understood:

The way to fight diseases that attack wheat and other cereals was not through pesticides and the like, but rather through breeding. Spoiled, rich liberals today pooh-pooh and demonize GMO food, but mankind has been modifying plants since the dawn of civilization. Indeed, it is what led to civilization. We call it farming.

We should be thankful for many good things that were achieved in the past and which could not be achieved today because toxic liberalism has infected Western civilization with so many crazy ideas such as political correctness, multiculturalism, man-made global warming/climate change hoax, pseudoscientific food fear, radical feminism, idiotic notions like “critical theory” which holds that it doesn’t matter if a woman lies about being raped because a lot of other women were raped, and the hopeless dream that safe and reliable renewable energy would replace fossil fuels if we just stopped all use and production of fossils fuels.

Liberals don’t like the real world so they have decided to try to live in a make-believe world. In their make believe world the modern world can be reversed and humanity will return to a primitive existence where we read by candle light and join hands to sing Kumbaya around a camp fire while trying to keep warm.  I don’t know what their contingency plan will be when we run out of fire wood which, given the world population of today, wouldn’t take long.

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