“No one is trying to take your guns away…”

Really? They aren’t going to be taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. Well, they have been saying for years. Did we believe them? NO! We’re not stupid. We always knew that removing the Second Amendment from the Constitution and confiscating guns was the real agenda.

Back about 40 years ago Democrats did admit their ultimate goal was to confiscate guns lawfully owned and responsibly used by millions of Americans. Remember the now defunct “Handgun Control, Inc.” during the 1970s? They were cagey about it but they made regular statements that nobody should be allowed to possess a handgun.

Since then The Left regularly told us nobody wants to take our guns away and we have regularly reminded ourselves that they’re lying. It comes so easy for them.

Below is a Youtube video by the Washington Free Beacon showing Democrat media and its stooges trying to convince us they don’t want to take our guns away. But Beto has given up on those lies and his bit is at the end of the 2 minute video. It’s worth 2 minutes to remind yourself what the left is up to now and what has always been their goal.

Beto O’Rourke throws off the cover and exposes the truth. He’s repulsive but at  least he’s the one being honest about the leftist agenda. All their promises are disingenuous, just as we always believed.

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