Nine states experiencing out migration in 2014

From Forbes, in order of states is losing the most population:

1. New Jersey
2. Illinois
3. New York
4. West Virginia
5. Connecticut
6. Utah
7. New Mexico
8. Massachusetts
9. Kentucky

Utah, New Mexico and Kentucky don’t make sense being on this list. Probably a blip. New Jersey has been no. 1 for four years with 64% more moving out that moving in. I wonder why it’s not 100% with the moving in at zero. Who except criminals would want to move there?  Illinois, Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts are all states you’d expect to have more moving out than in.  Massachusetts being down at number 8 is a surprise, you’d think it would be right after New Jersey.

Oregon is the state with the highest percentage of people moving in over moving out.  That’s probably refugees from California, but Oregon doesn’t seem to be much of an improvement in quality of life if you’re leaving California.

When the Okies’ left Oklahoma for California in the 1930’s it was said to be an improvement of both states.  California tax refugees moving to Oregon seems to be a detriment to both states.

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