Nick Freitas Speech on the Floor of the Delaware House of Delegates

Nick Freitas speech on the floor of the Delaware House of Delegates is powerful and accurate. Self defense is a natural right endowed on us by our creator. Governments do not grant these rights, government can protect these rights or government destroy them. A free people should not stand for a government that does not respect and uphold our right to defend our life from criminal predation.

Nick Freitas says we can have a debate but it must be based on data, facts, evidence, analysis, reason, logic and mutual respect. I’d add candor, intelligence and good faith to that list. That is the debate we want but cannot have because Democrats do not debate on that level. Democrats appeal to the most base emotions of  uninformed people who are ignorant of important facts and have no desire to push back the frontier of their ignorance. Democrats have no respect for the Ten Commandments of Logic delineated in the image to the left. (Maybe I should have positioned it on the right of the page)

Nevertheless, those who do care about the adjectives Nick Freitas has listed as the requites of an honest debate have found his speech a breath of fresh air in the fetid world of politics. It’s gone viral on youtube with over 340,000 views just on youtube. It’s been played on many podcasts and radio programs so have probably been heard by hundreds of thousands more. If you haven’t heard it yet please watch below, you’ll be glad you did:

One of the most interesting parts of Nick Frietas’ speech is when he talks about the weak defending themselves from the strong. Guns are what give the weak a chance to defend themselves from the strong. The vulnerability of the weak against the strong was recognized in The Code of Hammurabi which was the Babylonian code of law of ancient Mesopotamia, dating back to about 1754 BC (500 years before Moses).

The central tenet the Code of Hammurabi is that the strong shall not hurt the weak. In those days the weak had to depend on the Code to protect them. Today the weak have not only a body of laws to protect them, they have a personal tool to use, a gun, which gives them even better protection and makes the bad intentions of the strong less threatening. Because, the police are only minutes away when seconds count.

Any government that infringes the natural right of the people the people to keep and bear arms for their personal protection is a tyrannical government. One of the foremost intentions of the Second Amendment was to protect the people from such a government.


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