Next on Trump’s agenda is welfare reform

Which party wants lots of people on welfare? Which one wants more people off welfare and into the work force? You must know the answer to the first question is the Democrat party and the second is the Republican party.

Welfare reform was passed by Congress in 1996 requiring all welfare recipients who are able bodied to enter the workforce after a limited period on welfare and/or food stamps.  Then-President Bill Clinton reluctantly signed the bill after his pollsters assured him he would not be re-elected if he vetoed it again (he had vetoed it twice before).

IN 2012 Barack Obama gutted welfare reform by eliminating the work requirements. How could he do that, it was a law passed by Congress? He just did it illegally. How could he do that? He could do anything he wanted to do unless someone stopped him, and the GOP Congress was so afraid of being called racist they never lifted a finger to stop Obama anywhere, anytime for any thing, legal or not.

That’s one reason it is so sickening to see them now taking such a hard line against a president of their own party. So afflicted with Trump derangement syndrome they’re willing to break their own campaign promises made to their own voters. They do this to prevent Trump from gaining anything that might look like a victory for him and his agenda. Nice guys, those.

Trump aims to put the work requirements back into welfare. It looks like the House is eager to cooperate with Trump on this. The GOP Senate will probably defer to Nancy Pelosi for guidance.

The reason given by Paul Ryan is to avoid a fiscal train wreck from so much government spending on welfare.  There’s another reason nobody talks about. Well, it’s not a reason they recognize, so let’s say it’s just a good reason everybody should support welfare reform.

Human beings do not flourish when they are dependent on welfare for their whole lives. If they weren’t already lazy they become so. They also are  more likely to become drug addicted and involved in criminal behavior. When welfare is a temporary measure to allow people who are down on their luck to pick themselves up and move on, than it serves a good purpose. When welfare traps people into a life of dependency it ruins their happiness and well being. It destroys the well being of their whole community.

Is that why Democrats want more people on welfare? Do they actually want to hurt people and prevent them from pursuing their own happiness? No, they don’t actually want that, at least not specifically. They just don’t care what sort of life welfare recipients have to lead. They want their votes. They want to use taxpayer dollars to buy those votes. They learned from Franklin Roosevelt that government handouts can keeping people voting for the party that most supports the handouts.

The goal of Trump and most Republicans, at least when they aren’t hell bent on undermining the Trump agenda, want more people to flourish with good jobs in a dynamic economy.

Unfortunately, we are living in the crazy years. These are the years when the party most destructive of the family unit, the party least interested in expanding economic opportunity to more people is thought to be the compassionate party, and the party and president who want more people to enjoy the good life of self sufficiency is seen as the mean-spirited party.

I sure hope the work requirements are put back into welfare. Those who stand to benefit most from that are those currently on welfare, even though they probably don’t see that right now.

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