News From the Orwellian Times — Rough Justice on the Roadside

I’ve written here that DUI law in America is mostly about the big revenue bonus it provides for local governments, the court system and police agencies and, I admit, for lawyers.  If it were really about getting drunks off the roads you’d think that these draconian laws would be making a dent on that front, but we continue to hear that large numbers of drunk drivers are still slaughtering innocent people on the highways.

DUI laws do not accomplish the goal of getting drunks off the road because that’s not really the goal. It’s all just a push to maximize convictions, supported and demanded by the most powerful lobbying organization the world has ever known, the venal, corrupt, dishonest and unscrupulous Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Most of those caught in the snare of misnamed drunk driving laws are not really drunk and would not have harmed anyone if they had been left alone. Since we live in a finite world, at least for the most part, time and energy devoted to enforce laws aimed at raising massive revenue are not availiable to be used in other ways that might actually work in the public interest and prevent highway deaths.

The majority of the public have been brain washed to believe that the technology of detecting impaired driving with breath alcohol tests and roadside sobriety tests is “settled” and just about fool proof. It isn’t, and it can’t be.  The miraculous gadgets and unsound procedures used by law enforcement will never be able to take individual differences into account and still wouldn’t be scientifically reliable even were that possible.  The result is that a whole lot of effort is made to convict people who aren’t the problem and to divert resources to where they aren’t needed all the while neglecting meaures aimed exclusively at the recidivist drunks who are the real problem. The present system is a massive revenue generator and focusing heavily on recidivist drunks and addle-brained drug users would add costs and diminish that revenue stream. So it’s not going to be done.

That’s to bad because putting the money and effort where it belongs would not be too difficult if the will to do it existed. Just about anyone with a modicum of experience guided by intelligence can spot a person who is drunk and too impaired to drive. A seasoned cop might be even a little more adept. Add that to the ability to articulate all the facts and circumstances and a clear violation of driving drunk can be made, without a bunch of silly unscientific gadgets. If the punishment were made to fit the crime, such as severe jail time for repeat offenders not only for driving drunk but also for driving while on suspension, it would be possible to actually get some of the worst drunks off the road. We should also stop giving driving licences to illegal aliens since this is a group that has been responsible for much death and carnage on the highway.

Until and unless the America people get fed up and demand that the present system be changed to something that works in their interest, it will continue apace. In fact, it’s expanding right now with new “technology” to suck even more money out of the pockets of people who have likely done little to deserve it but are helpless to escape the iron fist of these crooked laws. It won’t stop until “Big Brother” is stting in the backseat of every car on the road. With a cash register.

From the National Motorists Association: How psuedo Technology Facilitates Roadside InJustice.

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