News that fails to advance the social justice narrative is not fit to print — UPDATED

The gang rape of a 14-year old girl by two men would make the news, right? Well, maybe not. If it detracts from the narrative that the news media wants to advance then it may be, probably will be, ignored. If it happened in Rockville, Maryland while Maryland is trying to become a sanctuary state and the two men are illegal immigrants, well then it’s just not news that’s fit to print. It’s not fit to print because it detracts from the social justice narrative the liberal news media, which is almost all of the news media, wants to advance.

False rape stories will get wide coverage if they advance the cause of the social justice warriors. Remember allegations of “Jackie” about a gang rape that never occurred but sensationalized in the pages of Rolling Stone. The Duke LaCrosse team falsely charged with raping a black stripper. Big stories, those were. When it came out that these stories were completely false and that nothing the news media told us ever happened, well the truth had to be downplayed and if printed at all appeared on the back pages of newspapers or mentioned perfunctorily on broadcast news outlets.

Social justice warriors are not really interested in justice. They have a cause to advance, a narrative to build upon. Any time an adjecitive is used to modify “justice” that is what tells us that it’s not about justice at all.

Kelly Riddell in the Washington Times:

Rape stories, when they can be used to vault social-justice issues into the nation’s psyche, get exhaustive coverage and opining by the mainstream media, regardless of whether they’re even true.

But if a 14-year-old girl gets gang-raped while attending high-school by two illegal immigrants?

Crickets. That’s a narrative that doesn’t need to be advanced. Lord forbid, it may even help persuade some that President Donald Trump’s positions on illegal immigration may be correct.

The bias is almost too much to bear.

The news media’s ultimate power is the ability to suffocate stories they disagree with, and fan the flames of narratives they want to advance. And in many cases, those narratives are false.

The gang rape of the 14-year-old girl a week ago by two older illegal immigrants while she was in school, is every bit as horrifying as what the debunked tales in North Carolina and the University of Virginia depicted. Police evidence collected so far, supports the case as described — that she was forced into the boys’ bathroom, then into a stall, where the two men made her perform oral sex, sodomized and raped her.

Yet, the story has received scant attention in the mainstream media.

The social justice war in America is a dirty war.

UPDATE: CNN’s Brain Stelter Hammers Fox News For Covering Rockville Rape Case. Not only do they refuse to report a story that fails to support their pet narrative, they get angry at any other news outlet that does cover it.  No matter how disgusting we think they are, they always show us we under estimated them.


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