New York’s Nasty Little Fascist Mayor

Fascism Defined

The opinion of the New York Supreme Court [that’s the trial court in New York State] is here. The ruling that Bloomberg claims is “clearly wrong” is 34 pages long and analyzes the New York Charter from the day in 1626 when the Lenapes Indians sold Manhattan Island to the Dutch for $23, up to the present. judge Milton A. Tingling concludes that Bloomberg ignored the proper legislative channels which violated the separation of powers doctrine, that the law failed to pass the rational basis test because it has no rational connection to the reduction of obesity which is a complex condition that cannot be addressed simply buy banning “sugary drinks,” and that it is an arbitrary and capricious invasion of the right of the people to decide for themselves whether drinking large soda drinks is good or bad for them.

The judge all but said the law was fascist.

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