New website that collects all the most damaging WikiLeaks revelations on Hillary Clinton

A new website has been launched to collect all the most damaging WikLieaks revelations about Hillary Clinton’s corruption. Wikleaks is not associated with Wikipedia, it just uses the same first 4 letters in its name. Access to this new website is free. It seems to have a thorough FAQ section to answer all your questions about why it was launched and who did it. That isn’t exactly revealed except to say it is a private citizen that has done it as a public service at his or her own expense. Judge for yourself whether that is true.

Here is its mission statement:

This website is not owned by or affiliated with WikiLeaks. It was made entirely for free by an American citizen who is sick of government corruption and the lack of accountability and justice in our country. The goal of this website is to open the eyes of the American public to the corruption that is Hillary Clinton. This list will be updated every day with new leaks until the election on November 8th. Click the button below to view the MOST DAMAGING WIKILEAKS.

The mission statement is following by a link to “The List” of the most damaging Wikileaks.

It looks ok to me, but I can’t verify anything about it. If you want to visit the site you will do so at your own risk. I will be visiting it frequently in the next few days, any if anything untoward results I’ll let you know.

You won’t hear all that much about Hillary Clinton corruption anywhere else, but if this website is all that it promises to be you can review each new revelation in its original form.

Here is the link:

If we had an honest media that was a true fourth estate this website would be superfuluous. But we don’t have a media anymore, we have Democrat operatives with by lines posing as national news organizations and networks.

It’s anybody’s guess how long this website will last before James Comey’s FBI finds a way to take it down. Unfortuntely, we not only have a corrupt media in America, we have a corrupt FBI as well. Fortunately, the FBI has many dedicated agents who are not corrupt and are not happy about what is going on in their top ranks. We can hope that eventually the swamp will be drained. But not if Hillary Clinton is elected on November 8th.

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