New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision

From the New York Post:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie defended his opposition to gay marriage and blasted the Supreme Court’s ruling on the issue as a “bad decision” and an example of judicial overreach.

Christie — stood by his previous veto of gay marriage legislation. He’s offered a compromise: Having voters decide whether to approve gay marriage in a statewide referendum.

“What I’ve said all along is what I said when I vetoed the last one, ‘Let the people decide,’” Christie said on the Town Square Media “Ask the Governor” radio program.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.
“You’re talking about changing an institution that’s over 2,000 years old. The Democrats are putting an increase in the minimum wage on the ballot. That’s important enough to put on the ballot but gay marriage is not?’’

He’s right. If anyone thinks it’s a good idea to have another big issue like abortion to divide the country for the next several decades, then you’ll want the 9 lawyers in black robes to make the decision for the whole country on gay marriage. But if you think it might be a better idea to let everybody have their say and vote on it so the issue is decided with in a way that allows everyone to feel like they got to have their say, with one side getting an honorable win and the other side taking their loss gracefully, then you want the people to vote on it.

In the UK abortion is not as controversial as it is here because it was put to a vote. Both sides are now at peace with the outcome.

By the way, there is some  confusion over what the court actually did on gay marriage.  It did not establish a constitutional right to gay marriage, and it did not decide that any state must recognize a gay marriage from any other state.  The plaintiffs wanted those things, but they did not get them.  The Supremes struct down the provision that denied Federal benefits to same-sex couples.  That’s it.  Gay marriage is still illegal everywhere it was before, and it’s still legal everywhere it was before.  Every state that defines marriage as between a man and a woman can still refuse to recognize any other type of union as a marriage.

Gay marriage proponents claim gay marriage is inevitable.  They claim the country wants it.  So why are they against letting the country vote on it?

[Christie says traditional marriage is 2,000 years old.  Abraham and Sarah were husband and wife 4,000 years ago.  Traditional marriage is probably around 200,000 — 500,000 years old if you count as marriage the habit of male and female human beings mating for life]

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