New Covid-19 Cases at 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Ralley attendance was 462,000. Nobody wore masks nor was there any social distancing. The number of new Covid infections was either 88 or 209, depending on which you believe. The former would be 0.02% new cases, the second 0.09% new cases. Neither is alarming. In fact, if these are actual numbers the need for masks and/or social distancing is clearly debunked.  If any of the new cases resulted in serious illness and/or hospitalization I haven’t found any information on that. I assume there were none because if there were it would have made front page news across the country.

New cases are always fairly worthless anyone. There are many false positives in testing, and many cases that never develop into even slight illness. Most attendees at Sturgis have ridden many miles on their motorcycles to get there [I know, I know, lots of trailered bikes can be seen on the road to Sturgis] and likely are in fairly good physical condition or they wouldn’t be there. That being so, I’d say hardly anyone became ill after attending the Sturgis Rally. Maybe from drinking too much and smoking too much weed, but not from the Coronavirus.

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